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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Remembering Grandma Cook

Reflections from Larry on the day of his mother's funeral (M. Louise Cook)

Something that came unexpectedly with my mother's passing was the realization that the mantle had been passed on, and that now my siblings and I were the "older generation. We now are the patriarchs of the family.
I reflect back on mom's life and wonder, "What was her legacy?"  One hundred years from now will anyone care or remember that mom and dad had been married for over 65 years?  What about all those thinks they worked so hard for? Already their house is falling into disrepair, and it will soon by gone. Everything seems to be so temporal.
I realize that fame and fortune are not going to be their legacy, but what is?  I then thought of my sister who has quietly for over the last ten years been fighting a battle with cancer.  She has not complained.  She has not publicized her fight. She has just gotten up each day and fought her way through that day.  That is a legacy she received from my mother.  Mo accepted where she was in life and wasn't a baby about it.  She took each day as it came, and moved on.
Then I thought about my brother who 30 years ago lost his son in a tragic farming accident.  While that was a battle for both he and his wife, they didn't give up, they didn't turn on each other like so many do during that type of tragedy.  They pulled as a team through the hard times. That is a legacy they received from both mom and dad.  You may get beat up, but you never give up.
I remember that my mother taught Sunday School, and did Bible studies for many years, and I remember the hours she would spend preparing for the studies and lessons. Another legacy. If you commit to something, give it 100%.  A sloppy, half-hearted effort is not acceptable.
So, as my children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews hear these words being read, I am counting on them for keeping this legacy alive.  You have Mom Cook's blood in you: you do not complain.
You have Mom Cook's blood in you: You do not give up.
You have Mom Cook's blood in you: You give 100% to the task God has set before you.
You have received a spiritual heritage you can be proud of. Make us proud as you carry on with mom's legacy.

-- by Larry Cook

Photo: August 19 2000... Our wedding 
August 19 2014 Grandmas funeral


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Anonymous said...

We should all leave such a legacy! Prayers for your family!