Giving Thanks (inspired by)

Thanks be to God, Father, Son and Spirit, for the abundance of good things he pours on His children.
We are but few, but His blessings are many.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Waiting for baby!

We don't want to wait any longer to snuggle our brother!

or wrestle with him!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What I love about third trimester

It now takes more energy to do the job myself than it does to explain it to the nearest kid, so I try various children out on various household chores.... whaddya know, they can do more than I thought they could!

It is obvious to everyone that yes, I do need help picking that up off the floor!

It is time to get out the fun tiny baby stuff!

I nest in peace: thanks to insomnia, I get to enjoy the peace and quiet of odd hours in the night.

I have every excuse to nap at any time of day.

The girls get a kick out of painting my toes. Soon, very soon, dear toes, I will be able to reach you again!

I begin to want to be in shape again. This little flicker of motivation will blossom into an actual exercise plan in a mere six to nine months!

I was trying to come up with a top ten list, but I am stuck, and have only complaints left, which I will keep to myself (and share with my husband later.) And so finally, the best thing about third trimester is that it means PREGNANCY is almost OVER! 8 more days at the most!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

"baby" Eldon

Anyone who knows my little 16month-old Eldon, knows he is an opinionated, energetic, and active little man. He spends most of the time running around the house now, creating disorder. He never sits, never snuggles, yet wants a good deal of attention from mommy, preferably in the form of chasing or wrestling.

He has had lots of mommy time this week, with the other boys in Michigan, and the girls in school part of the time.

One day he had a fever and was extremely grumpy for the few hours he was awake. (I suspect teething.) I was amazed: he actually snuggled me that day. He let me rock him. He and I and his blanket; his hot little body, facing mine, bent over the brother-in-the-womb so that he could lay on my chest while we rocked. I inhaled his little-boy smell: not milk and baby lotion, but pancakes and old blankie. I touched his soft skin. For once, he welcomed the quiet and gentle mommy caress, and did not try to turn my touch into a tickle-fight. His hand hung out of his mouth while he sucked on his fingers, making a puddle on my shirt. The other hand opened, and he reached for me, resting it on my arm, as if to say, "Thank you mommy, for just sitting with me for a minute."

It was as if he knew his baby days will be gone soon; as if he knew what's coming, and like me, he wanted to soak in just a few more minutes of life THIS way, before everything changes again. So for a few minutes, we rocked quietly, and he pretended to be my little baby, one more time.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Behold, the miracle that is Aggie going to kindergarten!

To Aggie, on your first day of kindergarten:

Today, my Aggie flower is dancing off to school, ready to bloom in another garden. You and Lorraine have been chattering excitedly about school for weeks now. When we went school shopping last week, the only thing you insisted that you have was a green backpack, because green makes you think of Peter Pan. You wore your beloved green backpack throughout our shopping trip, and tenderly buckled it in the seat next to you for the ride home! Now it bounces along on your back as you skip off to your first day of school. My brave girl is facing her next milestone with wide open arms, a light heart, and that huge Aggie smile I love so much.

As you leave your preschool years behind without a second thought, I am reminded how quickly life is changing. It was not so long ago that you were my pink little baby, riding on my hip and loudly expressing your opinions. It was not so long ago that you were the wild toddler, running to me with skinned knees and bruises. It was not so long ago that you were sick, wandering around with dark, sunken eyes, resting in my arms when seizures had sapped all strength from your body, teetering on the brink of death and eternity.

As you began to walk out the door today, I noticed your hair was wild again- Didn't I just brush it two minutes ago? Have you been wrestling with someone already this morning? You wiggled through the second brushing of the morning, and as I fixed your piggy-tail, I gave the right side of your head one extra gentle touch. Though your scar is not easily visible, it is something I see and feel often in my heart. It reminds me of the label you wear in my mind that reads: Prognosis = Uncertain.

I will always be tempted to over-protect you, my fragile child. It is hard to let you go, to accept that you are moving on to a new stage of independence. Part of me wants to always be your gardener, to stay with you in our safe little greenhouse, tending to you and soaking up the sunshine with you every day. But that is not my job, nor it is what you need on this day. You are blooming, not withering, and you are strong enough to go out into the elements.

My beautiful flower, your warm, safe greenhouse will be waiting for you when school is over. Mommy will keep the boys from your teddy-bear blanket and your buddies, just like you asked. I will have the chocolate milk ready and waiting when you burst through the doors this afternoon. God will be with you my dear, just as He always has been. Rejoice and blossom!

I know she's yours, Lord.... please take her into your hands as she skips off to school today. Protect this beautiful flower from the elements; let nothing take her joy away. I know you love her more than I do Lord, and You have promised to be with her always. Protect her from sin and evil. Bless her with caring teachers who are wise in Your Word, with friends who love You, with all that she needs to walk in this world. Thank you for the promises that you have given her, and me, that You will be with us through this valley and someday take us home to be with you in eternity. It is a comfort as I learn to release dear Aggie. She is not going far; only into Your loving hands. Amen.

Friday, August 13, 2010

it's turning into a tradition...

It's third-trimester mat-cleaning time again!!!

It's awesome how the mats double as a slip n slide!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

fun at the church picnic!

Aggie enjoys her hard earned cupcake!

The mini fire truck was so much fun!

Everyone loved the tractor show!

Face painting, great food, antiques, games and great music!
White Creek sure knows how to throw a party!
I heard someone say this was the biggest Lutheran gathering in 100 years without beer!
Praise God for beautiful summer days and a wonderful church family!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

serious Aggie

After a couple pukey hours this morning, I told Aggie I was feeling better.
"Of course you are mommy! I prayed for you!"
"Aw, thanks honey!"
"Your welcome," she said seriously. "Now, let's not have that happen again."

Thursday, August 5, 2010

boy joys

A few highlights from my week with the boys!

The day I lifted the ban on cars was a most unusual day. Seth and Marcus played cheerfully, happily, contentedly together for an ENTIRE morning. I do not think there was a single fight to break up. (This worked out perfectly for me because I was moaning on the couch with contractions on and off throughout the day.) Perhaps periodic car fasts are a good idea?!

Seth now likes hamburgers when we go to fast food restaurants, but insists that they are "Hamburgers with only ham."

Seth and I were cuddling on the couch the other night when his littlest brother kicked him. He smiled and put his hand on my tummy, then asked me very seriously, "Mommy, how does the baby come out of there?" "With alot of work, honey," I replied. He accepted that answer last time, but no longer. "But HOW mommy?" he insisted. "Oh honey, that's a big question, and I think it is time for you to put on your PJs." He got very serious and looked me in the eye, as if he were the adult trying to reason with a toddler. "Mommy. I don't know how it works and I HAVE to know!" I smiled, but I was so tired.. "Seth, seriously, go put on your PJs." I need more time to think on that one.

I tell Eldon about the baby in my belly. He often looks at my belly and laughs! Sometimes he comes up to me and lifts up my shirt as if trying to see the baby. When he doesn't see the baby, it occurs to Eldon that this huge round belly would also make a good drum, so he smacks it with gusto!

Yesterday we looked out the window and saw Seth and Marcus peeing on the same tree together! And little Eldon, too young to take his diaper off, was standing there with his hips sticking out, trying to be one of the guys!

Eldon loves to dance! His best-known dance moves include "the squat," "the head bang" and "the little drummer boy."

I opened the door to the boys room to stop the party that was going on at bedtime. "Mommy!" giggled Seth, "Eldon just danced his pants off!" Indeed he did, son, indeed he did.