Giving Thanks (inspired by)

Thanks be to God, Father, Son and Spirit, for the abundance of good things he pours on His children.
We are but few, but His blessings are many.

Friday, June 27, 2014

camp drop- off for seth!

Seth's turn at camp- 
he's there Wednesday until Friday night!

These photos are from the drop-off experience on wednesday. I took ALL the kids and we stayed for awhile, played, and made a HUGE show of goodbyes.

He loved it I'm sure.

Little ones just had to be in the picture!

 This face:

It's weird only counting to five! 
We can't wait to get him home tonight!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Camp with marcus

Camp time! Marcus and I got to go to Tiny Tykes at Camp Lakeview this week!

I LOVE the one on one time, and we loved camp!  here are some of the highlights!

LOVE his smile when the puppets appear!
Funny thing- he loved puppets but hated the singing! I guess he's a moderate.

This is the bear Aggie sent with me- in daddy's t-shirt in case I missed daddy too much!
That girl!
(She brought both a mom and a dad with her to camp!)

Marcus on the top bunk- he loved it up there...
but he did scare me in the night- 
he woke up saying "Mommy, get 'em get em they're right there" 
with his hands in the air... chasing fireflies!
Glad I caught him before he chased them off the bed!

His buddy Joe was there- Macus was so happy!

Creek stomping...

This face!
(He had just put mud on me!)

This kid excels in the manly arts.

His face when he's awesome- 
it's the same "I'm really proud but trying not to look like it" face that his daddy has!

I taught him some of my pool skills...
he was totally impressed when I told him how I used to hustle the boys playing pool in my parents' basement!

"Mom take a picture!"

His favorite part of camp- STEAL THE BACON
Picture lots of running in the hot, hot sun- it was at least 90 and humid.
I played too, and hard!
We were dripping sweat by the end! MAN this kid is competitive!

After the game he said, 
"Mom! I still have double battery in me! Race ya to canteen!!!"

Canoe trip Sunday morning...
he resisted the temptation to tip us over.

Parachute games!
(he was a cat, looking for the mouse under the parachute!)

Thank you for spending this weekend with me!  You and I are built so different, son, but God is opening my eyes to your strange and wonderful gifts!  He is so good to us!

In the prayer garden you noticed the lion lying down with the lamb, and you thought that was ridiculous. I told you of God's promise, of the new world that would have no violence but only peace even between animals. You kept walking. Future police officer that you are, you aren't in a hurry for that day. Oh son, you will be someday.

"It's so quiet here," you said, and claimed that those songs gave you a headache. "listen to the birds."
"Yes, they are nice aren't they?  Praising God in their own way..."

They continued to sing while you looked for puddles of water in the statues, and laughed about finding tadpoles there.

Praising God in your own way.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Last day of School 2014

It's the last day of school!
Time for some nostalgia...

Here are photos from the first day of this school year

My, how they have grown!

First, the mugshots...

We walked to school so we could watch car line for the last year.
THIS is about normal for these guys:

I couldn't get a mugshot of Aggie, but at least she stayed still enough while she sniffed this flower.

Here's all the yahoos in front of school (yes, the littlest boys are still in PJs!)

Last day of Kindergarten, 
2nd grade,
3rd grade, 
and 5th grade!

 Later in the day- the bike race! This was Lorraine's first year that she could take part! She wasn't planning to be very competitive. She just was in it to "have fun."

The cheering section...

 Before the race...

Boys cheering (Seth in the black shirt)

Ready to start!

Cheering for Lorraine!

Go Rainy!

Wait, is she in the lead of all the girls?

She won first place of all the girls!!!!

Way to GO Lorraine!