Giving Thanks (inspired by)

Thanks be to God, Father, Son and Spirit, for the abundance of good things he pours on His children.
We are but few, but His blessings are many.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

To Peter, on your fifth birthday…

You’re a little young for kindergarten so “they” say, but we sent you early.  Being the youngest of six, you’ve never been one to let “them” tell you what you are too young to do- you have proved your siblings wrong, and even your mama wrong, more times than I can count.

When you went to kindergarten, the big kids had told you (more than once) many of the hilarious jokes that Mrs. Barnett usually tells. After your first week, she said to us, “I just can’t get that kid to laugh!” I can just see you, looking at her with your half eye-roll, your skeptical face. You use this face all the time at home- when we tell you a dragon stole your socks, or that daddy ate all the cookies, or that we are having frosted dog food for dessert, or that you can’t call me mommy any more- only Emiliah on Fiah. You get teased in this family so much- have we made you into a cynic already!?

You are the one Cook kid who is more than happy to sleep in a bed or even in a room ALL by your OWN self.  The older kids think this is rather odd, and maybe even a little brave.

You are always asking me, “What do apples do for your body?” and “Will this banana make me run fast?” and “Is pizza good for your body?” You actually seem to care about the answer- we google things when mom doesn’t even know.  Perhaps you are a future doctor or nutritionist?

Every now and then you like to pretend to be “little,” but not a little boy; a baby mountain lion.  You crawl around on all fours while work around the house. You intimidate Oliver and Snowflake: mere cats ought to be frightened of a lion!

You moved on from your love of chickens, but then you had a serious obsession with Canadian geese. In fact, this spring you insisted on having a “goose birthday!”  A goose birthday? Pretty sure not even pinterest can help me there. I envisioned some sort of craft with feathers, and then perhaps leaving tootsie roll treats all over the yard as party favors… ??? I am thankful that your interest changed to ninja turtles by the time of your birthday! (You also love minions, and the girls in your kindergarten class, especially Ellie and Eliza, but that's another topic.)

One of my favorite things to do with you on your no-school days is take a walk down to the pond. You love to walk slowly and look for bullfrogs. They make a weird squeaky noise when they are startled and jump into the pond, and every single time this happens, you are startled, you let out a big HA! guffaw, and you look at me to make sure I also saw that most amazing and hilarious event!  So shocking! So funny! Every! Single! Time!

Craft time is one of your favorite things ever. You will sit at the table with me for as long as I can take it. Our most recent project, minions for volleyball girls, now hangs proudly on the wall in the gym.  You faithfully glued on arms and feet, and you even drew some awesome hair and crazy mouths for me.  While we were making them, just you and me, on one of your stay-at-home days, you sighed and said “Mommy, I love this day.”  And later, we took a nap together, and you said you weren’t tired but you wrapped your arms around my neck and you were snoring in minutes. I loved that day, too.

I also love this one.
Peter, five years old.
Happy birthday, buddy.  May the Lord keep blessing and keep keeping you.

Love, Mom