Giving Thanks (inspired by)

Thanks be to God, Father, Son and Spirit, for the abundance of good things he pours on His children.
We are but few, but His blessings are many.

Monday, August 4, 2014

back to school!

Yes, we start school this early down here!
Summer went way too fast!

Our "practice run" with our new jobs and routines yesterday was a little rough, but somehow, today went beautifully. (I think the exitement had something to do with it.) 

All dressed and ready!

My kindergartener!!!

Someday, Peter...

The five school kids...

One remains.

Starting sixth grade...

Starting fourth grade...

Starting third grade...

one crazy picture...

Time to go!
(Don't be worried, Eldon, it will be really fun!)

Starting first grade...

Love this:

And finally, kindergarten drop-off

He got sad when it was time for me to leave!
(Tear my heart out!) 
He put on his brave face though- no tears. (for him at least!)

And then there was one.

A candy bar for the preschooler!


Bump said...

SOOOO....... very happy to see these photos. Love and miss all of you wonderful school kids!

Alessia and Jim said...

Your kids are beautiful! Love the back to school pictures :-)