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Thanks be to God, Father, Son and Spirit, for the abundance of good things he pours on His children.
We are but few, but His blessings are many.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vacation starts with a bang!

Our vacation week started off a little rough: last sunday Lorraine got the stomach flu so the kids and I had to miss St. Paul's tenth anniversary celebration. She rebounded quickly however, so we hit the road for Indiana bright and early monday morning. Josh drove the VW down to save us a trip when we move, and I drove the SUV with a trailer behind it. The kids took turns riding with daddy in the VW. It almost made it to our new home....

Just north of Indianapolis, Josh and Aggie pulled off the expressway. Car problems, I thought, not a huge surprise with a car made in 1960. Then I saw Josh RUN out of the VW, grab Aggie and throw her in the grass on the side of the expressway, and run back to the VW. "Call 911 the car's on fire!" We called 911 and got the other kids out of the SUV so we could be away from traffic. Josh scrambled to get everything out of the car while I snuggled the kids and watched it burn. "My princesses!" bawled Aggie- she left snow white and sleeping beauty on the front seat- they melted away. Lorraine cried and cried "Is clickety-clack-boom dead?" (that's the kids name for the VW) As the car burned, Lorraine cried, Aggie and Seth played in the grass, and Marcus was just happy to be out of his car seat. Here are a few pictures of the adventure:

Josh comforts Lorraine.
We are so grateful that the princesses were the only casualities.

Bye bye clickety clack boom!

We arrived in Columbus a little later than planned. The rest of our vacation went smoothly! We stayed in the "lake house" and even found time to relax. We spent two wonderful nights getting to know some of the church people from St. John's. We got to see our house and begin planning the move. Everything we learn about this church makes us more and more excited to go!

Josh reads to the kids as we wait for guests to arrive.

It was a little cold for swimming, but after Seth fell off the dock I decided to give up- 65 is not too cold for toddlers! Here they are having lunch on the deck after a refreshing swim.

All in all our vacation to Indiana terrific. We are now back in Michigan spending time with the family before the big move on June 16. I will post more pictures as time allows!


Jeni Hardin said...

Omigoodness! I"m so glad everyone is OK! Has Aggie forgotten her princesses? How tragic for her! Glad you're all OK, though! Let me know if there's anything we can do to help!

Mark, Gretchen & Kendrick said...

What a tragic way to start vacation!! So glad things got better, and why of course 65 is warm enough for toddlers to go swimming!!! Can't wait to see you next week!!