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Thanks be to God, Father, Son and Spirit, for the abundance of good things he pours on His children.
We are but few, but His blessings are many.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Eldon's sixth birthday


Where did my little boy with the blankie go? And the finger sucking? Suddenly you are a big kid, a SCHOOL kid, and you are thriving in kindergarten. Last week Mrs. Finke brought eggs to school to incubate in your classroom- you will get to see them hatch! When dad asked if YOU had to take a turn sitting on them you rolled your eyes and shook your head and just said, “Dad. Seriously.” (sounds more like ‘sewiouswy.’)

Mickey Mouse is no longer your best friend- now, you are all about dinosaurs. We had an all-boy dinosaur party for your birthday.  It included mud, a rock pile, nerf guns, milkshakes, dinosaur tails, and even dancing (open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk that dinosaur!)  You got a remote control car for your birthday, and just a minute ago your plastic dinosaur was taking it for a spin down the hallway!

I love how excited you are about school right now. It doesn't matter what’s going on after school, even if I have my hands in soapy dishwater, or if I’m teaching a class with adults, you HAVE to run right to me, open your bag, and show me your papers one by one the minute you walk in the door. Then, of course, it’s “what’s for snack?”

I love the way you yell out “SKUS-TING!” like when you found that huge dead frog in our basement or when copper brought the dead raccoon on the porch or whenever you see Peter in his underwear (daily).

I also love the way you sneak in the snuggles whenever you can… like in the morning, when I don’t get out of bed right away, you get dressed as fast as you can and then climb in next to me.  Or when I’m sitting on the swing; you’re usually the first one to come away from whatever fun action is happening with the big kids (trampoline, baseball, rock pile, whatever) and you curl up next to me and put my arm around you.

You are so excited to be six! I can tell you feel much older than Peter, who is currently four (“and a half, Eldon! I’m four and A HALF!”)  Welcome to the world of big-kids, Eldon! But my arms are still open for you whenever you need them.

Thanking God for six years with you Eldon!  Happy Birthday!
Love, mom

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zerry ht said...

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