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Thanks be to God, Father, Son and Spirit, for the abundance of good things he pours on His children.
We are but few, but His blessings are many.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

stay at home day

We've settled on a great strategy for Saturday mornings here at the Cook house. The kids wake up, watch TV or play on technology, and eat cereal when they feel like it. And also, they leave us alone as long as possible.

Today, they made it until a glorious 8am, and woke us only because the girls had decided to make us breakfast in bed. 

The long sleep, plus the surprise breakfast put me in a fabulous mood. With nothing on our calendar, we could have an entire morning of Christmasy projects and whatnot!

"I want to bake!" 
"I want to sew!"
"I want to paint!"

But I'd had my coffee, so this time, I didn't say "STOP TALKING!" and go hide in my room. Instead, they chose teams and we got to it. 

I learned a few things today.
One, Marcus really likes to sew. Who knew?

Photo below,
an M with random decorations.

The girls love it too, of course.
It's funny, when I say "let's look on Pinterest for some ideas!"
Aggie says, "Well, ok, but really can I just do what I want?"
Surely her brain has even more idea than Pinterest! Have at it, Aggie!

And this darling girl, with her ipod and headphones. 
I love it.
(She'd already mixed up the sugar cookie dough with a brother. Time for a break.)

These 2 are of course the hardest to manage during a crafty day,
but to all you mothers out there with babies...


Daddy got out the train last night; SO MUCH FUN.

As I got out the misc items for Aggie's sewing extravaganza, I found colored pasta and string in my craft box. Why not make ornaments out of it! 

Also, they made these "Melted Snowmen"

Seth worked hard in the kitchen.
Making peanut butter chocolate balls is messy work!

He loves getting his picture taken.

I made it until almost 1pm before I needed a talking break (teachers, how do you do it?)

Momma, can you thread this? Where's my marker? He spilled the paint! What do I do next? Where's the butter? We're out of vanilla! Can you thread my needle again? Look at my picture! Can I eat some of this? Do you want a lick? Look at my picture? Can you thread this? 

I'm taking a break before round two, sugar cookie making and frosting!  More coffee, please!

Though it is quite overstimulating to be home with these guys today, I cannot overstate how wonderful it is to be able to just BE here on a Saturday, with no errands to run, and no places to go.  Just chillin' in our yoga pants, (or pjs), making messes.

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