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Thanks be to God, Father, Son and Spirit, for the abundance of good things he pours on His children.
We are but few, but His blessings are many.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

To Marcus, on your sixth birthday


You are such a fun kid. For your birthday this year, you got to have a friend sleep over (Jonah.) As I prepared games and activities for you guys, I kept thinking: "Action. Action. Marcus likes ACTION."

So we hunted for monsters, we ran, we threw, we dug, we rode, we searched, we destroyed.  Well, you and Jonah did those things. I facilitated the fun.  And then, I watched your face, and I received my reward in full.

This morning right before I made you nap, you began to collapse from exhaustion. When this happens, you get grumpy, and scowly, and your forehead creases deep.  Sometimes I can almost see a storm cloud forming over your head.  When I told you to get ready for your nap, you threw yourself on the couch in anger. "Marcus," I said, "you had a fun birthday, but now..."

"No, it was only a LITTLE fun," you grumbled, "because I got hurt!" sniffle, sniffle.

Oh yes, I remember, that small scratch you got on your knee when you beat everybody at "Over the River?" I see, dear. You had forgotten about it all night, but now it is the only thing you remember about yoru party?  Indeed, you are exhausted.

I'm sure the nap will clear up your memories. But let me tell you my favorite moment. It was spykids mission number five, I believe, the one where you got to trick the girls. I sent them to the park to hide your birthday present, and I told them we'd play Hide N Seek when they came back. After they left, you and Jonah and I gathered in the kitchen and I whispered the plans:  "You boys are going to trick the girls.  I want you to go hide, but when they come find you, you can get them with this..." I dramatically revealed two cans of orange silly string. And your eyes, Marcus- your whole face... it said, "I have the coolest mother on the face of the planet."

(That's true, of course, and I want you to remember that, even someday when you're older and I refuse  to buy you alcohol. I'll just buy you some more silly string, ok?)

Then, I had you boys practice.  "Hide here in the corner, boys, and I'll come around and 'find' you, and you spray the string- just a little now- so I can make sure you know how it works."  More eye-dancing from you, Marcus.

"Ha!" I said, and they sprayed.  Jonah seemed unsure I was really going to be OK with him spraing ME. Marcus, you laughed like a wild-man... but he had the can pointed at your own face! The shock!  But you laugh at yourself just as easily as you laugh at everyone else.  Then, you eagerly ran away to hide.

Now, you sleep, full of birthday memories.  I hope the bad ones dissolve away as you dream. I'll record some of the good ones for you (just check the picture file!)

I love you Marcus.
Thanking God for six years with you, rocking our world...

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